Upgrade GoCardless plan


Could Pennylane upgrade it’s GoCardless plan to display their real name when collecting money from its customers?

For example, today it looks like this in the standard Qonto views



But it doesn’t have to be, for 50€/month


We could see the real name, it’s Pennylane at the end of the day who debited the bank account not GoCardless. Thanks


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Hello @Olivier Tassinari

If I understand, you paid to have your company name instead of “Pennylane” and it doesn’t work ?


It's the opposite. Pennylane didn't pay for this option, hence Pennylane is doing a direct debit on our bank accounts with the branded GoCardless transfer label.

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Ok @Olivier Tassinari, I understand your problem.

I recommend you to ask this option at the support center, or at your commercial if you have one 😊